Ariel 350cc NH 1940 1941 engine with correct WD Amal carb – SOLD

Ariel 350cc NH 1940 1941 engine with correct WD Amal carb – SOLD


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This 1940 / 1941 Ariel 350cc NH engine comes with the 275 Amal carb and a wide competition-type intake filter.

Although the engine does not appear to be stamped with any War Department issue WD markings, it seems to be dated sometime in 1940 or 1941. Looking at the sequential number, I’d guess it’s a 1940 engine. So, it might be surplus from prewar and stamped up in 1940. I’m sure there are many Ariel experts out there who will tell me if I’m incorrect. I don’t claim to be an expert, just a guy who reads the engine number lists.

However, to back up the war-period claim, the carburettor mixing chamber / body is numbered 275/014R. That is showing in the 1940 t0 1954 AMAL catalogue as a carb for  1940-45 Ariel 350cc WD. So, it does seem to be a 1940 Ariel 350cc engine with the correct carburettor.

The engine has had work. Good work. It already has good fins on the head and barrel. The cases are in good condition and it turns over smoothly.

I removed the head to give the barrel a quick visual check. All seems good. The piston is nice. I have shown the underside of the cylinder head in the pictures. that’s good too.

In fact, the only minor things I can find are mis-matched fastenings, a small break in the side of one of the rocker box fastenings on the head (shown) and a hairline crack in the outer timing cover that could do with a neat weld. The inner cover is good (unusually).

The cam wheels are there as the pushrods rise and fall when I turn the engine over.

The engine cases are stamped on the side in the usual place near the name and along the front left shoulder. The barrel is cast with A8 / 135B

The piston is stamped 72.90mm. The bore is nice and clean.

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