Douglas Mk 1 or Mk3 T35 350cc parallel twin motorcycle – SOLD

Douglas Mk 1 or Mk3 T35 350cc parallel twin motorcycle – SOLD

Douglas Mk 1 or Mk3 T35 350cc parallel twin motorcycle. The reason that I’m not sure if it’s a Mk1 or a Mk 3 is that I’m told that the bike may be a Mk1 with the improved Mk3 cylinder heads. Certainly, the sequential frame number suggests that this is a 1947 Mk1 Douglas T35.

As I’m not a Douglas specialist I can’t be certain. This is a sale from a deceased estate and I am offering it on behalf of the family. The previous owner was a vintage Douglas motorcycle marque specialist for the Douglas Club and for the VMCC.

The bike comes with a V5c British registration document. Sadly, it does not provide us with many clues on the age of the motorcycle as it was registered in 1984. The UK DVLA had a habit of just issuing a logbook with the year showing as the year that the application was granted. It may be possible to go back to the DVLA and ask for an age-related number plate now. If it’s a Mk1, then it dates back to 1947. If it’s a Mk3 then it’s from around 1949.

The pictures show the engine number and the gearbox number. From my own research, it suggests that this is a Mk1 from 1947. You will need to check for yourself though. The frame number is 1775.

It has not been run for a while, so consider that you will need to recommission the bike. The owner was mechanically gifted, so I don’t expect that it will need a lot of work. He restored it in the 1980’s.

Any questions…. my number is on this site. Or, please contact me here, and I will respond. Thanks.

Viewing: By appointment if you wish to see it in person. It is located near Cambridge, UK. If you are outside the UK and wish to send a friend to view on your behalf, that’s fine. If you cannot make it, I can arrange to do a live video with you.

Payment: Direct to the family. I will supply the details. I’m not involved. Just helping them, as they are friends.


  • If you are having a courier collect, the arrangements will need to be made with the family. Payment will need to be made more than 24 hours before collection. (Payment by a courier is not acceptable)
  • If you need prices to have the Douglas shipped outside the Uk, I can help.

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