Late Norton 16H SV Side Valve 490cc engine 79×100

Late Norton 16H SV Side Valve 490cc engine 79×100


Late Norton 16H SV Side Valve 490cc engine. Bore and stroke 79×100.

I bought this engine, along with a few other 16H motors from a Norton enthusiast as I needed a few spares.

The engine number is shown in the images. As I recall, Norton used letters as a prefix to their numbers between 1946-1960. This engine number does not have a prefix letter. The number range is around 1960-61. So, without the actual records, I can’t be precise about the year of manufacture, but logic suggests that this is a 1961 engine. I am sure that a Norton enthusiast will put me straight and will mention that the 16H was produced up until 1954. If you know for certain, the year for this engine, I would love to hear from you.

I’ve never opened it up in all the years that it has been with me. It will definitely need a rebuild. However, I can turn the crank. The only thing that seems to be stopping it from fully turning over is the attached magneto. While it’s attached and in the photographs, it’s probably best to assume it will need a lot of work to revive it.

Back to the engine. Overall, this is a nice, honest, unrestored Norton 16H engine. The barrel is the same one that the engine started out with . See the images, showing matching engine and barrel numbers. It has the original (correct) timing cover.

I have no desire to over-sell this engine. Because I have not removed the barrel / head, I cannot tell you the bore dimension.

  • The cases do not have any cracks or welds.
  • The fins are generally good, with a few small exceptions.
  • The thread on the crank is decent.

If you prefer an earlier engine, I have a rebuilt 1932 Norton 16H engine for sale at the moment. If it’s listed on here among the other items, then it’s still for sale.

Please come and check it over before buying. If you can’t do that, please send a friend. Failing that, you will just have to trust my description. I am more than happy to do you a short video.

Other Norton parts: I have some. Please get in touch.




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