NSU 250 vintage motorcycle engine with carburettor Believed for a Max model

NSU 250 vintage motorcycle engine with carburettor Believed for a Max model


NSU 250 vintage motorcycle engine with carburettor.

Believed for a Max model. The engine number is shown in the images.

The engine turns over by hand, with compression. It is being sold as an engine for rebuild as I have no history of it. It was bought on behalf of someone who now does not require it.

It comes with a Bing carburettor attached. Assume that everything will need to serviced or rebuilt. However, it does come with cases, barrel and head in decent condition.

See the images. I have removed the cylinder head and barrel, together with the primary cover.

The good bits:

  • The fins on the head and barrel are nice.
  • The cylinder head is in good condition.
  • The barrel bore is around 62.8mm.
  • The barrel is the original one as the number at the base matches the engine number.
  • The piston is used but OK and comes with the piston rings
  • The connecting rod number is 95650
  • The cast number inside the outer primary cover is KO 798
  • The cast number on the inner primary cover / casing is KO 796
  • It comes with the carb and carb manifold.

The not-so-good bits:

  • There is a crack on the rear part of the inner primary cover (as shown). The only thing holding it in place is a fixing screw from the outer cover. I’m sure it can be welded. It’s complete. There are no little chips missing.
  • There is what looks like a small slice missing on the stator side. It’s shown. However, I think that may be intentional.


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