Post 1953 Velocette Mac 350cc engine for rebuild – SOLD

Post 1953 Velocette Mac 350cc engine for rebuild – SOLD


Post 1953 Velocette Mac 350cc engine for rebuild. I say “post 1953” as the records that I have only go up to 1953 and the last MAC engine at that time was numbered 16676.

This is a good project build engine. It has a good clear stamped number, 24554 (putting it around or just after 1953) and the engine halves have matching numbers.

The engine cases are also the original pair. The case numbers match.

It includes what you see in the images.

The cylinder barrel and head are iron. The fins on the head are nice. The barrel has two chipped fins as shown in the pictures. The crank is there. The connecting rod must be there as it makes a “clink” as I turn the crank by hand. I haven’t taken the engine apart. As you can see in the image of the timing chest, there is no oil pump. In addition, it does not have the push rods, valves, valve springs / collets. There is no piston either.

It’s an engine for rebuild. At least you have the major components. The parts that are not included, are readily available and are things that you would probably fit new on a rebuild.

Viewing: Please come and check it over before you buy. It is at PE28, near St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

Shipping: I usually ship to most destinations. If you don’t see a price, please ask. Thanks. International shipping available.

Collection: If you don’t want it shipped, I have plenty of space. If you can’t collect for a while, it’s not a problem. However, I will need to be paid very soon after the sale. Thanks.

Payment: Good old fashioned money on collection is preferred. I can accept payment through PayPal or by bank transfer as well.

Import Taxes: Please note that IMPORT DUTIES are not something I can control. If you are buying from outside the UK, there is a chance that you will have to pay import taxes. Import taxes vary from country to country. If there are charges to pay, it is the buyer’s responsibility to research the cost and pay the duties. The price that you see on my advert is for the item and not the item plus whatever taxes might be due.

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