Past Motorcycles

Just for fun, I’ve added a few of my past (and some present) motorcycles. I have regretted selling some of these, so it’s nice to just have them on the site.

1964 Suzuki M31
Suzuki A100
Honda CD175 Chop (It was fun while I was a teenager with VW Beetle silencers that threw flames)
Kawasaki Z400 (Boring, dependable, but ended up under a car that turned out in front of me). I’m still looking for a nice original one to replace it.
1966 Triumph Tiger T90 (Old Faithful is still with me)
1956 Triumph T20 Tiger Cub
1955-1967 Loads of T20 Tiger Cubs in various guises, oily rag plunger to full-on Trials.
1968 Triumph T100 Daytona. I regret selling this one.
1972 Honda CB 750 Four. It was brilliant, but very top heavy when putting it on the stand.
1924 Triumph SD. I built up a huge spares stock for this bike but it actually proved to be very reliable.
1915 Calthorpe. A bit too fragile for me. It needed to go to someone with a greater understanding.
1938 Triumph Tiger T80. Very pretty but I bought it as a restored bike. For me, it was over-restored so it went.
1936 Sunbeam Model 14. Love it. It’s only a 250cc but it’s fantastic to ride.
1930 Sunbeam Model 9 Twin port. Bought last year. Consequently I haven’t really ridden it yet.
1974 Honda CB125s. These bikes are just the best little bikes. Bullet proof mechanics and with electric start for when my knee aches.
1970 Triumph TR25W. I regret selling this one. It was an early version in decent condition.
1956 Triton Wideline with a T110 motor. It was an unfinished project and I ran out of patience.
1955 Ariel VB
1954 Ariel FH
1971 T120 Bonneville
1933 Peugeot P108S
1965 BSA B40SS
1972 Yamaha FS1e
1973 Yamaha CT175
1957 Lambretta LD125 (Yes, I know it’s a scooter! I’ve sold it but I now want another one)
1955 6T Triumph Thunderbird. Rebulit by a chap who took it back to factory specification. Very dependable and perfect for a comfortable run out.
Honda TL125. Sammy Miller designed and I had to have it alongside my T20 Trials with Sammy Miller items fitted.
1938 Triumph Tiger T70 (set up as a grass tracker, running on methanol) – Planned project to put back into road use.
1972 T120 Triumph Bonneville
1947 3T Triumph rigid frame with a 500cc motor
1960 T110 Triumph