What is it about motorcycles that generates so much passion and enthusiasm?

Is it the cameraderie or the escapism that a motorcycle offers when riding? Or is it the challenge of rebuilding and maintaining an older machine? Perhaps it’s the pride in showing a bike at a meet?

Old motorcycles offer so many different rewards. Unsurprisingly, our hobby has created a community that suits everyone in their own way.

For me, this is just a hobby. It’s a hobby that has grown a little out of control on occasions. I’ve managed to avoid the wrath of my wife for filling the dining room up with motorcycle parts that I just had to have. Thankfully, my hobby has grown beyond the dining room into a large shed, so we now have the dining room back and all is calm.

I have finally relented and created a web site with a variety of purposes. It’s an excuse to show some of the motorcycles but it is also a way for me to show some of my friends the large list of spare parts that I have, so that they can browse them. It saves me having to email everyone individually too. Many of these friends from all over the globe. They are people who I have bought a much-needed part from, or they have bought from me to get another bike back on the road.

You are welcome to browse the site. I will do my best to update it as I know how frustrating it is to find something, only to discover the ad is very old.

I have a job. It’s nothing to do with motorcycles, so please contact me here . I will get back to you. If you’re after something specific and you don’t see it on this site, just send me a message including a part number. I may not have it, but I might know someone who has. I’d rather be fiddling about with bikes than doing my job anyway.