Motorcycle projects

I love motorcycles that show that they have led a life that could keep you entertained for hours with their stories. I have a few “oily rag” projects planned. A little plunger T20 Triumph Tiger Cub, a 1947 Rigid-framed Triumph 3T Deluxe, a 1937 Triumph T70 and a 1967 T100 sled. The Cub will be as original as I can make it and the sled will be built with parts that I have collected over the years complete with dents and scratches. The 3T will be finished to look like it has remained running unrestored. The Tiger 70…. well, that’s currently a grass tracker. I’m not sure which direction to go.

The T100 survivor sled is a difficult look to get right. All bearings, cables, bushes etc will be new but it all needs to look like it has been used hard. I will probably have 12v electrics fitted (as it makes sense) but will do my best to hide any evidence.

Triumph T100 motor 1968-72. It doesn’t matter if it’s a runner but it needs to be as complete as possible.

For Sale:

Here are some motorcycle projects that I have decided not to build. They are now available. VIEW ALL PROJECTS HERE