This page is updated regularly. Some of these parts are needed for my own projects and some are for friends.

If you think you might have just the right part, please let me know.

You can send me a quick message here, or call me. Either way, I’d like to hear from you.

Bikes and projects wanted.

Occasionally, I get asked if I know of a particular model that people could buy as a project. If this happens, their request will be posted on this page.


Triumph parts wanted

Tiger 80 / 90 / 100 (1938) original headlamp for a buyer in South Africa. Ideally chrome shell but will consider painted. Lucas model is D142F, All Chrome, part number 515,635. Message

Thanks to Andy G, we have one lamp. We are now after another one.

Tiger 110 (1960) parts for me to complete a project: Chain guard, front foot pegs, set of primary cases, original speedo and gauges, kick start lever, gear lever. Message 


Unit construction T100 engine. It doesn’t matter whether it needs a rebuild, or has been rebuilt. Will consider from 1966 on. Ideally a 1970 engine (numbers HD27850 to KD60280) to go in a ’70 frame that I have. But will consider any T100 engine really including a complete short motor as I have top end parts. Message


Triumph Thunderbird, 6T (swing arm… I know… It’s a rigid in the picture:) ) Looking for a set of wheels. Condition of the rims unimportant. Ideally a pie-crust front hub. Also nice foot brake pedal for a friend in Scotland. Message

Motorcycles before 1940 - Parts wanted

Any parts for a 1934 BSA 499CC W34-7. Looking for any parts for this model. The pic is courtesy of Bonhams Auctoneers (sold 2008). But, it does show the model that we need parts for.

Please let me know.Message

Piston for 1931 Ariel SF31 497cc OHV. Needed for someone in Switzerland. Does anyone have a 87.5mm Piston (or a bit larger) for this person please?. (Photo courtesy yesterdays.nl)

Please let me know.Message

Original Dunlop Drilastic Rubber saddle Seat. However, I have a friend in Austria who is looking for one like it. It must be original as it’s to go on his lovely Excelsior Manxman. It also needs to have the correct label as on mine. If you have one that you could part with. Please let me know.Message

1927 Norton CS1 oil pump & gear. I’ve been asked if I happen to have an oil pump for a late 1920’s Norton CS1. The gentleman has the engine but a previous owner has removed the oil pump components. So, anything will do from a complete engine, right down to a knackered pump drive that he can use as a template. Message

FOUND – AJS 2-Stud Gearbox for late 1920’s 500cc. I have someone looking for a complete gearbox to get his bike back on the road. Someone turned the bike into one for speedway. It’s a three speed and looks like the one in the image.



New Imperial Model 23 (1937). A friend in Norway is looking for the whole gear lever and control rod. He’s also after a used exhaust and silencer. I gather these will complete his project. Message


AJS 500 M8 (around 1929-30 ish). Frame or rear rigid section to help a chap out on the lovely Island of Ibiza. Picture is of his frame showing a 1950’s plunger conversion. He wants it back to original .Message


1912 Premier Motorcycle parts needed in Portugal. The model is a 1912  499cc SV 3 1/2 HP. Looking for forks in any condition. The bike in the pic isn’t his. Thanks Yesterdays.nl. Message