Motorcycles for sale

This is my hobby. I’m not a dealer, so please don’t expect dealer facilities if you come to view a motorcycle. You won’t be offered finance, the chance to buy a completely new outfit, or insurance. You will get a smile, politeness and the time to decide if one of my motorcycles is right for you.

“If it’s a hobby, why create a web site?” Well, it’s a hobby that has occasionally got way out of control. Like almost all motorcyclists that I know, one bike is never enough. I’m always looking for another bike and will invariably have to sell one to raise the funds for the “new” one. It’s been a fluid state like this for years and I have now finally given in and built a web site so that I can advertise my motorcycles without having to resort to ebay or some other massive website.

Would I consider part-exchange? Well, without sounding like a dealer, yes. However, just like any informal exchange, you will need to have something that I might be interested in.