1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo Pre-LUCAS Veteran Vintage motorcycles

1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo Pre-LUCAS Veteran Vintage motorcycles


1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo.

I believe this is a Thomson-Bennet, rather than a Lucas LC1 dynamo. Mostly because it says CL, rather than LC1 on the main body.

Also, it does not show “Lucas”on it anywhere. As far as I know, Lucas always stated their brand on their items. Thomson-Bennett was bought out by Lucas in the late teens. So,I think the 1915 stamp is possibly the year of production. It does have another stamp that says “5/25”. If it was Lucas, it would be logical to say that this was a May 1925 production. However, as stated, they always branded their items and didn’t actually produce a CL model as far as I know.

So, I’m going to stick with this being a 1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo unless someone can be certain that it isn’t. (no guesses please. I can guess on my own 🙂 )

This came to me with a load of early Triumph Model H parts. The engine was dated 1919 and some of the parts were for a veteran Triumph somewhere before 1915.

If you have an early Triumph vintage, or veteran, motorcycle then this Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo might just be what you are looking for.

Condition of the Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo

1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo Pre-LUCAS flat tank Veteran Vintage motorcycles

1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo Pre-LUCAS

I am pretty sure that it is very difficult to buy an original, restored, 1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo. Yet, you have one right here.

So, this is your chance. It rotates as it should when I turn the shaft by hand.

I have absolutely no idea if it works OK. I am selling it as you see it. However, it appears to have been carefully restored. The tapered shaft is in decent condition. The keyway is in good condition. It even has the correct castellated nut on the end of the shaft. Even the little sliding cover for the oil hole moves freely.

A glimpse inside the brass cap shows shiny brass clean parts.

Remember, there is no guarantee that this works. But all indications would suggest that it ought to.

Other early Triumph Motorcycle parts

I usually have a selection of early Triumph parts. I used to have a SD Model and built up a big collection of spares. I don’t advertise all of my spares, so just ask if you don’t see what you need.

Please follow this link to see the early Triumph spares.

If you would like to speak with some experts, maybe join the VMCC and ask them about this.

Buyer notes for the 1915 Thomson-Bennett CL dynamo.

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