Stunning and meticulously built 1958 Triumph Tiger 110 restomod show bike

Stunning and meticulously built 1958 Triumph Tiger 110 restomod show bike


Stunning, and meticulously built, 1958 Triumph Tiger 110 resto-mod now available.

This beautiful vintage Triumph motorcycle build belongs to a friend. Along with a pal (Nick Dyble), Mark spent very many hours over every single aspect of this build. It was featured at BikeEXIF in 2018 and was highly regarded. Since then, Mark hasn’t used it very much. Sadly, it now seems unlikely that he will use it all. So, it’s available for someone who appreciates the artistry involved.

That’s code for “this is not going to be cheap”! However, when you consider what you are getting, this is very good value. I know how many hours go into designing every bespoke aspect of a bike like this. The hours of smoothing of every single detail is one thing, but the amount of times that some small hand-crafted item was re-built because it didn’t look and work just right, is extraordinary.

Mark builds resto-mod motorcycles to a high standard for just a few people. He produces a bike once every two years. This is definitely an opportunity to own one of this artist’s motorcycles. One of the main influences was a 1957 flat track race bike built by Jim Anderson and Arnold Jean, “Pitty Tink”.

For those that are interested in just some of the build aspects, here are a few of them:

Engine. The engine was rebuild with the very best of Triumph’s parts that would fit inside the original T110 crank cases. It has a one-piece crank, 9-stud barrels, Hayward belt drive and a NOS primary cover as Mark wanted polished perfection. The cylinder head is the most sought-after 1967 splayed head and it was NOS. The clutch is 4-spring with an SRM pressure plate.

Transmission. Mark kept the 4 speed.

Spark. Lucas K2FC Competition magneto of course!

Paint. Superb. You can see this in the images. “Flaky Dave” did the work and went above and beyond when it came to the finish.

Frame. Hours spent smoothing the frame and making the brazed joints perfect. They wanted a cleaner look around the oil tank area and needed to get the seat mount and rear mudguard mount looking right. So, they modified the oil tank so that it fitted closer to the frame and moved the frame cross-member forward.

Suspension. The best that was available from Triumph. Post-1967 forks with external springs. Hagon’s on the rear with shrouds.

Wheels / brakes. Rims are highly polished Akront flanged alloys with S/S spoke sets. Front 19″, Rear 18″. The bike has just the right stance. Front brake is a TLS outfit and rear has a bespoke stainless steel torque arm, with a QD hub fitted.

Some of the details. There’s way too many bespoke items to mention but here are just some. The bars are 7/8″ from a US supplier of retro parts. The throttle is AMAL with Biltwell grips. The fork adjustment wheel is a design made by Mark and the saddle is actually a Harley part with a bespoke pleated cover.

Nothing was left out. Every single aspect of this bike was considered. Did it look right? Does it function well? Can it be designed to work better? Even the under-swept exhausts are not stock. They hint at the TT model, but just go one step further and look remarkably like”Pitty Tink”.

How much is perfection? Surprisingly little, as Mark has other projects to finish and wants this to go to a good home.

The motorcycle is registered for the road and has a V5C registration document in Mark’s name.

Viewing: Contact me here. I will make the arrangements. The bike is either going to be in Northampton UK, or near Cambridge UK.

Video of the bike running is available. Please ask.

International shipping is possible. 

Credits: Photography by Ben Roome. Bike photographed at BikeEXIF.

Payment: Direct to Mark

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