1921 Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine

1921 Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine


1921 Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine available for inspection and rebuild.

I bought this flat tank Douglas engine as a spare for my earlier (1915) 2-3/4 model. I know that the fins on the barrels were the main significant change around 1920 / 1921. However, these little engines aren’t easy to find, so I bought it when I had the chance.

I have realised that I really could do with a spare veteran version of this Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine. Consequently, this is now available for purchase.

I have yet to take the barrels off, but I will do it shortly so that the condition of the bore and pistons can be seen.

ITEMS NOT INCLUDED in the sale of this Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine

I am not including the EIC magneto and the carburettor manifold. I could do with them for my own Douglas. However, if your need is greater than mine, I will include them with the engine for an extra cost. 

Condition of the 1921 Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine

1921 Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine

Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle engine – 1921

At the moment, I have not removed the barrels to check the  pistons and bores for condition.

The engine turns over freely whenI turn the flywheel.

Please assume that the whole engine needs a rebuild, even though it appears to be complete. I have removed the cover to make sure that the timing gears are there, along with everything else.

One valve stem looks to be a little out of alignment.

Someone has had the bright idea of creating an inspection cover on the outer cover. I am quite sure that a good ali-welder could repair this and then polish the font cover. I had no plans to make a change to this, as I think it’s quite useful as you have to remove the carb manifold to take the front cover off.

The engine number is clear and in-molested. You can see it in the images. If you would like to check the engine number for year manufactured, please take a look at this page, where I have added information on Douglas motorcycle engine numbers. I have to say that this engine might have a 1921 front cover, but the engine number is in the range for a 1920 motorcycle.


Why buy this Douglas 2-3/4 H.P. motorcycle engine?

If you need a 1921 Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle 2-3/4 H.P. engine for your project, this is a great opportunity to buy one.

I am not especially bothered if it doesn’t sell as I will still keep it for my own 1915 Douglas as a spare. Unless, of course, you happen to have a 1915 engine for a swap.


Other vintage pre-war Douglas motorcycle spares and parts

Apart from this Douglas W/21 Vintage motorcycle engine, I have a few spares. I don’t add them all on here as I keep parts for my own Douglas Project. In the first instance, please have a look at the Douglas parts for sale here.

If you don’t find what you need, contact me

If you aren’t already a member, for a very small cost of less than £2 a month, you can be a member of the London Douglas Motorcycle Club where you get to meet and chat with other owners.



Shipping is an additional cost. Please check on postage cost before you buy. I will provide a quote.

International shipping available. Please ask. Combined shipping available. 

Viewing: Please come and check it over before you buy. It is at PE28, near St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

Shipping: I usually ship to most destinations. If you don’t see a price, please ask. Thanks. International shipping available.

Collection: If you don’t want it shipped, I have plenty of space. If you can’t collect for a while, it’s not a problem. However, I will need to be paid very soon after the sale. Thanks.

Payment: Good old fashioned money on collection is preferred. I can accept payment through PayPal or by bank transfer as well. EUROS, I can take euros. Message me for a price and how to pay.

Import Taxes: Please note that IMPORT DUTIES are not something I can control. If you are buying from outside the UK, there is a chance that you will have to pay import taxes. Import taxes vary from country to country. If there are charges to pay, it is the buyer’s responsibility to research the cost and pay the duties. The price that you see on my advert is for the item and not the item plus whatever taxes might be due.



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