C. 1914-on C. 1914-on Peco 2-stroke veteran or vintage motorcycle engine 3 H.P. 350cc Calthorpe and many others

C. 1914-on C. 1914-on Peco 2-stroke veteran or vintage motorcycle engine 3 H.P. 350cc Calthorpe and many others


C. 1914-on Peco 2-stroke veteran or vintage motorcycle engine 3 H.P. 350cc Calthorpe and many others

Bore is 75mm, which matches the 347cc, 2-3/4 HP engine that was the earliest engine that Peco produced in 1914. However, the 3 HP 350cc engine also had a 75mm bore. There are a few Calthorpe motorcycles that are on the VMCC register that had the Peco 3HP 350cc engine, so I am going to go with an approximate date from 1919 to early 1920’s for this engine. I think Calthorpe assumed control of Peco engine production in 1919, so this might be a “customer engine” as the sequential number has a prefix “EA18”. I believe that Calthorpe motorcycles used the same design of engine, but may have had “Calthorpe” cast into the side to the cases.

Pearson and Cole of Duddeston Mill Road, Birmingham, UK, known as Peco, made their own motorcycles at some point between 1914 and 1916. While they made their own motorcycles, they were prolific two-stroke engine suppliers to many British motorcycles of veteran and vintage eras.

In 1914, they advertised a Dunkley Two-Stroke 349cc engine with 75 x 79mm bore and stroke. Having read some of the literature that Peco published towards the end of 1914, they were moving from production of a 2-3/4 HP engine to a 2-1/4 HP Two-stroke engine with a smaller 210cc capacity. The piston shape was altered and the cases were narrower than before.

Following is a list of vintage and veteran motorcycle manufacturers that used Peco 2-stroke engines:

  • Wolf
  • Waverley
  • Trump
  • Singer
  • Ixion
  • Lily
  • Ivy
  • Grandex
  • Ernst Smith & Woodhouse
  • Endrick
  • Edmund
  • Dunkley
  • Dreng & Co
  • Despatch Rider
  • Calthorpe
  • Alfred Wiseman

I imagine there were others, but that’s a good selection. If you would like to read more about the production and supply of Peco engines, go to this page

Condition: As you can see, it has almost everything that you need including the engine plates. The plates are original.

The engine turns over by hand . There is NO piston fitted. The crank and connecting rod is installed. The engine cases are in decent condition. As you can see from the images there are a few chips to the barrel fins.

Bottom line, this is a 100-110-year old engine that is in a reasonable state, with decent fins, but it will need to be taken apart and rebuilt just to be certain that you will have a reliable engine.

 Other Peco engines:

I happen to have a few Peco motorcycle engines available. If this one doesn’t suit you, please see the others as I have some spares and a few of the larger capacity engines from later in production.

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