SOLD – Triumph Pre Unit 650cc engine parts 1957 cases Ali 9 stud cyl head

SOLD – Triumph Pre Unit 650cc engine parts 1957 cases Ali 9 stud cyl head


Most of the main components to begin building a 1957 /59 Triumph Pre Unit 650cc engine.

This Pre-unit 650cc Triumph collection of engine parts came with a Triton project. I’m not going ahead with the project so these are not needed.

The cases are the big-bearing type. They have matching numbers for both case halves and the engine number is both clear and unmolested. The engine number dates it as a 1957 motor. The previous owner obviously had ideas of upgrading the motor as it now has an ali head (dated 1959 and cast number E3925) with 9 stud / bolt fixings and a set of corresponding 9 stud barrels. The barrels are cast iron and the fins are good.

Of note, the bottom of the cases have had some light weld repairs as shown this in the images. It’s a good repair. The head is in decent condition but will need a light clean up as it has sat around for a while. The exhaust stud mounts are good. The head also includes the single carb mount.

The engine parts include the crank. I have close ups of the journals. They look like they will need some attention.

Triumph 6T engine parts:

  • 6T engine cases (Matching case numbers, engine number clear, date 1957 beginning with 0104XX)
  • Crank / flywheel
  • Cylinder head (1959 casting – 9 stud / bolt)
  • Set of barrels
  • Ali engine plates (ready for use on a Triton project)
  • Timing side cover
  • some fixings including bolts.
  • Pair connecting rods
  • Engine plates in Ali.

If you can, please come and check the parts over before you go ahead and buy. Or, send a friend if you can’t make it. Alternatively, if you are unable to do this, please ask for more pictures of specific items if you need them.

Shipping: I will ship to most countries. I pack very carefully and provide tracking. 

UK £38

Europe (most countries, please ask) £75

Rest of World. Please supply Country , Town / City, Zip code and I will get some prices to choose from.

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