Large 12″ Long BROOKS B90/3 1920’s leather road bicycle saddle – SOLD

Large 12″ Long BROOKS B90/3 1920’s leather road bicycle saddle – SOLD


Large, 12″ Long, BROOKS B90/3 1920’s leather road bicycle saddle. It might be earlier than 1920’s but I doubt it as the oval ended badge began around 1920.

Brooks began manufacturing the B90 gentleman’s road leather bicycle saddle as early as 1899. Well, that’s the first catalogue that I’ve seen it in anyway. In 1905, they produced a version of the B90 for motorcycles called the “Motor Saddle” It had a different lower frame to the “Road Saddle”. I have shown the motor saddle version in the images. It is taken from the 1905 catalogue.

Various versions of the Brooks B90 Road Saddle were produced right up to 1959. It seems that versions from around 1930 had a straight slit in the centre. This one is shaped, and is more like the earlier saddles. So, it could be anything from 1920 to late 1920’s.

They produced three sizes of this design, with the front loop spring, stranded wire rear coil springs and the triple-wire design.

  1. 10.5″ long, 8.5″ wide and 3.5″ high
  2. 11.5″ long, 9″ wide and 3.5″ high
  3. 12″ long, 9.25″ wide and 3.5″ high.

This one is size 3. It’s described as a “road saddle”. It has the oval badge which, I believe, ran from 1920 to around 1950. I have looked at many early Brooks catalogues and this saddle features in the catalogues as early as 1899.  I have included a photos of the Road saddle in the 1910 and 1925 brochure and the “motor saddle” from 1905.

This is one of a few original early leather bicycle saddles that I have. I like the design of them and I kept one for a 1920 motorcycle board tracker that I have. This one would suit a 1920’s race motorcycle very nicely. It has a very nice unrestored patina. It comes with the original Brooks badge. The springs and wires are not broken and it comes with the seat post clamp.

Condition: It’s a bit “gnarly” on the leather. The brooks stamps on the sides are visible. I have made no attempt to clean the leather up. I have cleaned another one that was in similar condition and it came up fine. You just have to be brave and apply some effort. There are small splits at the front, next to the rivets.

You see the smaller versions of the B90 Brooks 1920s vintage leather saddles come up for sale. I haven’t been able to find another original one of this size, B90/3, for sale.

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