Motex Minor vintage or veteran motorcycle rear carbide lamp with frame clamp

Motex Minor vintage or veteran motorcycle rear carbide lamp with frame clamp


A lovely Motex Minor vintage or veteran motorcycle rear carbide lamp with frame clamp.

Motex was the brand and Minor was the model. These Motex carbide lamps were powered by acetyelene gas. The gas was made in a “generator” by dripping water onto a block of carbide at a calibrated rate. This generated acetylene gas which was fed to front and rear lamps by tubing. To create light, you lit the gas in the lamps and the shit the cover. In the case of rear lamps, it was rare to have a reflector. Headlamps usually had a mirrored lens.

This Motex Minor was made by Stanley and Hill Ltd. Like many motorcycle makers and associated parts makers, they were based in Birmingham, England.

Motex are a little different to the norm. The “norm” being Lucas, Miller and Powell & Hanmer. So if you have a Motex headlamp, then this is a great chance to buy a Motex Minor vintage or veteran motorcycle rear carbide lamp.

Condition of the Motex Minor vintage or veteran motorcycle rear carbide lamp.

Overall, in very good condition. It has some paint loss but the nickel plate is pretty decent and it retains the original clamp. The hinge and clasp work well and it still has the wick (as shown). The ruby-red prism lens is in good, used, condition.

Bottom line, this is no embarrassment. It would grace any veteran, or vintage, motorcycle from the teens or 1920’s.

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