SOLD – 1972 Triumph 5 Speed T120V Bonneville – Running nicely

SOLD – 1972 Triumph 5 Speed T120V Bonneville – Running nicely


Triumph 5 Speed T120V Bonneville.

This is the second year of the “oil in frame” version. It is a great bike that needs virtually nothing. In fact you can run it as it is.

** Please note. All the pictures were taken before it was give a clean and had the new fuel lines fitted**

The engine is sweet and still has all fins intact. The engine cases match and the frame / engine numbers match. I have a V5C UK registration document in my name. Someone else imported it from the USA and thankfully left the higher handlebars on it. I say “thankfully” as I sat on it the other day and it is a very comfortable riding position. This bike has the desirable “export tank”, which is narrower and looks better to most.

Does it need anything? Well I have run through the bike and made sure it’s ready for the road. It has had a new battery and one new petrol tap as it was leaking. It has had some fresh oil and petrol. The carb’s were given a good clean and new fuel lines fitted as they are always a bit suspect. It has very good tyres, so it’s ready to use.

What would I do to the bike? Not much! Someone has cut the original side covers to install some Mikuni carbs. I would just buy some covers that are readily available to give the bike a look of a 1970 Bonneville. It’s a matter of preference but the seat is a bit hard for me. I’d fit a seat from a 1968-70 Bonneville. It’s a bit lower, softer and more curved. It has been cleaned but you can give it another polish. That’s it.

Test ride? Well, you can ride it around the farm if you like. There’s enough space to test everything.

Exchange? Talk to me. I love projects and prewar parts.

Offers? Sorry, no. It’s a nicely running 5 speed Bonneville registered in the UK.


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