Norton Laydown gearbox G102 for Norton Dominator 88 99 twins – SOLD

Norton Laydown gearbox G102 for Norton Dominator 88 99 twins – SOLD


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Norton Laydown gearbox G102 for Norton Dominator model 88 / 99 with twin cylinders.

These Norton gearboxes are shrouded in speculation and mystery with regard to precisely which model they are for. It seems that even the experts have different opinions.

There are a variety of stamps: G100, G101, G102

The last numbers are the sequential numbers and provide a guide as to which year they were produced.

There are three different lengths of mainshaft and the dimensions of the lugs should be noted.

Laydown gearboxes were supplied on Nortons until around 1956.

So, here’s my best stab at identifying which bikes this G102 Norton laydown gearbox is for. Generally accepted opinion is that G102 is for the pre-featherbed twin cylinder models. (G101 is for the pre-featherbed singles). Going by the sequential number, I’d suggest that this gearbox was supplied around mid 1955.

If your bike falls into the pre-featherbed twin category, then we need to double check on the widths of the lugs that you need.

The dimensions of the mounting lugs on this gearbox are:

  • Top lug width: 84.3mm
  • Bottom lug width: 88.5mm

I think there might be some shims involved, so allow for that.

This gearbox: Well I haven’t tested it in a bike. It turns by hand without any horrible noises. The mounting lugs are good. The casing has has some trimming (or repair) as shown in the images and the inspection outer cap is missing.

It’s cheap for what it is, if you accept that this is not a rebuild gearbox.

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