Original & rare 1935 New Imperial Catalogue of Motor Cycles

Original & rare 1935 New Imperial Catalogue of Motor Cycles


Original & rare 1935 New Imperial “Catalogue of Motor Cycles”

This 20-page original brochure is in good overall condition. It has some marks (particularly near the staples) and a small tear on the lower part of the outer cover along the spine.

Dimensions are 9″ x 7″

Pages are:

  1. Front outer cover
  2. Foreword, highlighting features of the New Imperial motorcycle models, including the unit construction design of engine, and the racing pedigree of the brand.
  3. The Guarantee
  4. Model 23, “Unit-Minor”, 1.5hp OHV
  5. Model 23 D.L. “Unit-Minor” De-Luxe 1.5hp OHV
  6. Model 25 Sports “Unit-Minor” De-Luxe 1.5hp OHV & Model 27 De Luxe Sports “Unit-Minor” De-Luxe 1.5hp OHV
  7. Model 30 “Unit Super”, 2.5hp OHV
  8. Model 30 D.L. De Luxe “Unit Super”, 2.5hp OHV
  9. Model 35 Sports  “Unit Super”, 2.5hp OHV & Model 37 De Luxe Sports  “Unit Super”, 2.5hp OHV
  10. Model 40 “Unit Plus”, 3.5hp, OHV
  11. Model 49 Sidecar combination “Unit Plus”, 3.5hp, OHV
  12. Model 45 Sports “Unit Plus”, 3.5hp, OHV & Model 47 De Luxe Sports “Unit Plus”, 3.5hp, OHV
  13. Model F10 Standard Type “De Luxe” 3.5hp OHV & Model F11 Standard Type “De Luxe” 5hp OHV
  14. Model 70 “unit Construction” Single 5hp OHV
  15. Model 80 “unit Construction” Single 5hp SV
  16. Model 50 “Grand Prix” Speed 2.5hp OHV & Model 60 “Grand Prix” Speed 3.5hp OHV
  17. New Imperial sidecars – Model A Touring, Model B Sportsman’s Coupe, Model L Launch Type
  18. Notes on special features of New Imperial motorcycles including a technical drawing showing the unit construction design
  19. More on Special features of New Imperial motorcycles with a further explanation on the unit construction engine design, with info on grease gun lubrication, the foot change, saddles and a little on the Grand Prix models
  20. A list of New Imperial motorcycle spare parts stockists.

There you have it. A genuine, original sales catalogue from 1935. A youthful 87 years old! I wish I look as good as this if I ever make it to 87.

Before you moan about the price. Try to find another one that is available. I paid a lot for this but I don’t now think I will have a New Imperial motorcycle as I am slimming down my collection of bikes. So, it ought to go to an enthusiast who will enjoy it.

Viewing: This catalogue isn’t inexpensive like the reproductions, so please come and check it over before you decide to buy.

Shipping: I will do International shipping. It will be carefully shipped and will have tracking to your door.

Payment: Paypal is fine. Bank transfer is fine too. (I have euro and GBP accounts). Cash on collection is fine too.


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