SOLD – Pre Unit Triumph T100 500cc motorcycle engine with Close Fin ali head and barrel

SOLD – Pre Unit Triumph T100 500cc motorcycle engine with Close Fin ali head and barrel

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Pre Unit Triumph T100 500cc motorcycle engine with Close Fin ali head and barrel.

This is a 1950 pre unit T100 Triumph engine which has had a rebuild. It started life with iron head and barrels but the builder has fitted the later close-fin ali cylinder head and barrels. As this is a 1950 engine, it is not the big bearing type.

The close-fin ali head and barrels update the engine’s looks and make it considerably lighter. The engine comes with a complete set of timing gears / wheels and the outer timing cover. The parts are in a box with the engine. This is the “dynamo-type” with a dynamo fitment at the front and a magneto at the rear. (Dynamo and magneto are not included)

The barrel is E2958 and the close fin ali head has the cast number E2679.

Cylinder head. There are a couple of areas of note on the cylinder head. One of the exhaust stubs has a little damage. It can be sorted out. The spark plug threads have been rebuilt and all work fine. On the underside of the head, there is evidence of fin repair. I have shown this in the images. Finally, there appears to be a very old repair on the outside. It’s on the left (as you look down on the engine in the riding position) between the outer front head bolt and the rocker box.

The valves have been re-seated and the head appears to have new valve springs.

The engine: The engine has been re-bore and, I presume, it has been re-sleeved as the new pistons are Standard size. I’m told it has new main bearings and that it is fitted with E3134 cams. I only removed the head, so I haven’t checked the cams etc.

The engine number is clear an unmolested. The engine cases have matching numbers. The timing gears are fitted to show that they exist. The engine is not timed, and I have removed two gears to prevent any little issues. All of the parts in the images are included (except the stand).

It comes with the carburettor manifold and has the pushrods, oil lines, oil block and oil pump.

You will probably need a few minor nuts and bolts as a few don’t match. You will also need some new rocker cover gaskets.

Everything will need to be checked for torques as I have undone a few studs and bolts.

The blue engine stand is not included. 

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