Selection of T20 Triumph Tiger Cub parts

Selection of T20 Triumph Tiger Cub parts

This selection of Triumph Tiger Cub spare parts are displayed on here for one person to view and decide if they would like any of them.

Note the variation in dimension between the two swing arms. F4600 (on top) is wider at the hinge than cast number F4075.

There are differences between oil tanks. The orange one is rough on the outside but OK inside.

I might not sell the welded lug handlebars as I need to check that I have a set for my own project.

The headlamp rim fits the single switch nacelle top. I don’t seem to have any lower nacelles at the moment. All wheels pictured are 17″. There is only one front wheel. The rear wheels all have varying amounts of hub / brake parts.

If anyone else is looking for Cub parts, it’s best to message me on the contact page, with a list. I will have a look for you.

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