Sturmey Archer 1927 LS LW Lightweight 2-stud 3 speed hand-change motorcycle gearbox

Sturmey Archer 1927 LS LW Lightweight 2-stud 3 speed hand-change motorcycle gearbox


Sturmey Archer 1927 LS LW Lightweight 2-stud 3 speed hand-change motorcycle gearbox.

The LS Type of Sturmey Archer gearbox covered an enormous range. To begin with, they had the LW (Light weight) and the HW (heavy weight) models. They were easily distinguished as the 2-stud were the LW version and Sturmey Archer suggested that they were for models with a capacity up to 400cc. The HW version of the LS gearbox had 4-studs and were for 400cc to 1000cc motorcycles.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Sturmey Archer were liberal with variations of both the LW and HW versions. They seemed to make a change to the design to suit a customer and failed to distinguish it in the model name or stamp. For example they list 31 different cases and 18 different end covers in their 1930 catalogue alone gearbox. This is an example of that method.

The “Standard” 2-stud LS LW 3-speed Sturmey Archer gearbox didn’t have the raised section on the cover. See the “Standard” version here. This one has a raised section, which was set back slightly above the gearbox. I presume this is a mount for the hand change lever. This element is very similar to the ones supplied to Norton motorcycles. However, the Norton ones that I know about has a different frame mount. This particular Sturmey Archer LS LW Lightweight motorcycle gearbox has quite a few very small stamps on the case. They are mostly B5 and B4. I imagine that it is something to do with the builder or quality inspection. To provide a further clue, there is an “E” stamped on the top.

So, this is a long-winded way of explaining that I don’t know the precise model of motorcycle this Sturmey Archer LS LW Lightweight motorcycle gearbox is for. I can only say that it is the LS type and with 2-stud mounting, so it’s a LW. From the sequential number, it appears to be from 1927. See the images for the number and then go to my page of Sturmey Archer gearbox dating. However, if (for some weird reason) Sturmey Archer decided to add “4B” to the sequential number, then this gearbox dates to 1923.

If you know what it’s for, please let me know. It’s always a school day for me.

Condition: Used and not tested in a motorcycle. Although it turns nicely and seems to select gears OK. The case and cover have been checked for cracks by eye and I can’t see any. There are no visible weld repairs either. The sprocket has seen better days and is past any real use. The clutch worm moves smoothly.

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