SOLD – The Precision veteran motorcycle timing cover Unfinished casting

SOLD – The Precision veteran motorcycle timing cover Unfinished casting


The Precision veteran motorcycle timing cover.

This is an unfinished new casting of a timing cover for The Precision motorcycle engine.

I don’t have a Precision. This came to me with a bundle of parts that included items that I needed. So, this unusual casting is available. Precision supplied engines to other early motorcycle makers including “The Sun”. It may suit a variety of veteran / vintage motorcycles between 1912 and 1919. I think they became Beardmore Precision after that.

Dimensions are available. Please let me know which dimensions you need. As there are currently no fixing holes, you have the opportunity to make your own, to suit your needs.

Viewing: Please come and check it over before you buy. It is at PE28, near St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

Shipping: If you don’t see a price, please ask. Thanks. International shipping available.

Payment: Good old fashioned money on collection is preferred. I can accept payment through PayPal or by bank transfer as well.

Import Taxes: (I need to mention this as I had someone buy something from me and they were based in Europe. They thought I should list the item including all taxes and shipping. Considering import duties vary enormously, this is impractical even if it was possible). Please note that IMPORT DUTIES are not something I can control. If you are buying from outside the UK, there is a chance that you will have to pay import taxes. Import taxes vary from country to country. If there are charges to pay, it is the buyer’s responsibility to research the cost and pay the duties. The price that you see on my advert is for the item and not the item plus whatever taxes might be due.
If you pay the ebay invoice, ebay will add the taxes on top and this is usually calculated by adding the sale price + the shipping cost quoted. This is out of my control.
However, if you decide to pay me by some other way (bank transfer for example), I can lower the import tax that you are likely to pay.

Collection: I have plenty of space. If you can’t collect for a while, it’s not a problem. However, I will need to be paid very soon after the sale. Thanks

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