Veteran Vintage Pioneer Royal Enfield 2-speed all-chain drive with basket – SOLD

Veteran Vintage Pioneer Royal Enfield 2-speed all-chain drive with basket – SOLD


Veteran Vintage Royal Enfield 2-speed all-chain drive with basket.

It seems that from around 1909 until the early 1920’s Royal Enfield used their own two-speed all-chain drive.
Without offering it up to a frame, I can’t be certain that it fitted all models. However Royal Enfield motorcycles seemed to offer their 2-speed all-chain drive on all bikes from the little 2-strokes up to the 770cc V-twin JAPs. See the images for some dimensions.
I understand that the larger V-twin bikes were fitted with a rubber cush later on though.
Looking at images online, I have seen a similar two-speed all-chain drive on the following Royal Enfield models. You will need to decide if this is correct for your needs though.
  • 1909 V Twin Motosacoche powered 297cc
  • 1912 2 3/4hp V Twin
  • 1912 6hp V twin
  • 1913 3 hp 450cc Twin
  • 1913 Jap Powered 770cc V twin (I’m guessing this might be a bit too powerful for this drive)
  • 1915 Model 200 225cc 2-stroke
  • 1921 225cc 2-stroke

Of course, this Royal Enfield 2-speed all-chain drive could be adapted for use in other Pioneer, Veteran, Vintage motorcycles.

I have added two images with freehand drawings showing some dimensions. If you need more dimensions, please ask.

Sprockets look OK to me. Numbers of teeth are:

Largest sprocket (left side): 38T

inner left side sprocket: 27T

Right side sprocket: 15T



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