Copy of Mr Opel’s 1922 Board Tracker

Copy of Mr Opel’s 1922 Board Tracker
I’m thinking of making a start on this old thing.
Don’t laugh too much…. I know it looks a bit rubbish now but that water-cooled engine does actually suck and squeeze! There’s no bang (yet).
Someone else had the right idea when they built this very loose copy of Herr Opel’s race winning board tracker.
It just wasn’t executed very well.
There’s a lot to sort out. When compared with the restored one based in Germany, it’s a poor cousin. But, if I take it apart, align the top rail with the upper rear frame where it passes the seat post, build a better fuel tank, replace all of the drilled -out items, change the seat, handlebars, levers….
Where do I stop?
It’s an interesting thing though. I bought it because I liked it. The engine might actually work. It’s based on the original water cooled one.