1928 Flat Tank Douglas DT5 SW5 race motorcycle, with V5c Registration document for the road – SOLD

1928 Flat Tank Douglas DT5 SW5 race motorcycle, with V5c Registration document for the road – SOLD


1928 Flat Tank Douglas DT5 SW5 set up for racing, with V5c Registration document for the road.

Have the best of both worlds. Use on the road and the track.

This flat tank Douglas is pre-1930, so you can use on on events like the Banbury Run. As you can see, it has plenty of patina and hasn’t had the life polished out of it.

It comes from a deceased estate and I am offering it on behalf of the family.

This is a modified 1928 Douglas DT 500 with some elements of SW. It’s registered as a SW5. The owner was well known within the VMCC and Douglas “families” and was an enthusiastic racer in the 1990’s. This old Dougie was his weapon of choice. The eagle-eyed will notice the dual front brake arrangement and  perhaps slightly later front forks among alterations. The dual front brake / hub can be swapped out for a single-sided brake as it’s included in the sale.

It is fitted with a Norton dolls head gearbox. This gearbox has the kick start shaft in place as the owner fitted this box for road use. If the family get their price, they will include a Norton dolls head gearbox and clutch that the owner had set up for racing.

It was set up as a total-loss oil system, but the owner was in the middle of adding a small oil scavenge pump so that the bike could be ridden on the road without having to stop too often to top up the oil chamber. The images show the right side engine cover off as he was in the process of fitting a small pump inside the housing. The pump is not fitted yet and the bike can easily be set up again for a total-loss system.  However, the little pump is in the boxes of spares.

The exhaust has only been offered up to the bike for the benefit of the photographs. It’s the correct exhaust and it does fit.

It is registered for road use and the V5c registration document is available to view. The numbers on the log book match the frame and engine numbers. The also match the letter of authentication from the London Douglas Motorcycle Club. This letter is included in the document bundle.

So, if you have been after an interesting 1928 Flat Tank Douglas DT5 SW5, then here’s a good opportunity to buy one that comes from the family of a well-known vintage Douglas motorcycle enthusiast.

Any questions…. my number is on this site. Or, please contact me here, and I will respond. Thanks.

Viewing: By appointment if you wish to see it in person. It is located near Cambridge, UK. If you are outside the UK and wish to send a friend to view on your behalf, that’s fine. If you cannot make it, I can arrange to do a live video with you.

Payment: Direct to the family. I will supply the details. I’m not involved. Just helping them, as they are friends.


  • If you are having a courier collect, the arrangements will need to be made with the family. Payment will need to be made more than 24 hours before collection. (Payment by a courier is not acceptable)
  • If you need prices to have the Douglas shipped outside the UK, I can help.


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