BTH TT Magneto KA2-1 model vintage Scott TT Replica or Douglas motorcycles – SOLD

BTH TT Magneto KA2-1 model vintage Scott TT Replica or Douglas motorcycles – SOLD


Off to the USA

BTH TT Magneto KA2-1 model

Probably for vintage Scott TT Replica, maybe Scott Flying Squirrel or some Douglas motorcycles. (possibly 3-1/2hp and 4hp models together with the DT500 / SW500 models)

I bought this, along with another magneto, for an early Douglas 2-3/4hp project. However, it turns out that the 2-3/4 needs an anti-clockwise rotation magneto. This one is clockwise.

I’ve done a little research on K-series BTH motorcycle magnetos. It seems that there isn’t much information out there, so my best guess is that this is for a Scott TT replica somewhere around 1930.

Why? Well it is the taper fit sprocket spindle with a nut on the end. It also clearly states on the original metal label that it is a TT Magneto and the KA2 is a 180 degree / horizontally opposed flat twin model. If you are absolutely certain that you know which model of vintage motorcycle this is for, I would love to hear from you. Every day is a school day for me.

I understand that this model of BTH magneto was superseded by the KD and then KH models.

It sparks when it turns. I cannot guarantee the quality of the spark. I would have been using it if it was suitable for my project.

Overall it is in good, used, condition. No obvious damage or cracks to the magneto. One lead has a small crack in the insulation.

The body has various stamps on it including “E” and “t4”. One of these is probably an inspector’s stamp.

Obviously, the Scotts are 2-stroke, and Douglas are 4-stroke. Having the correct magneto for a 2-stroke machine is important. It’s turning at twice the speed and the components need to be up-to-it. If this is for a Scott TT Replica / Flying Squirrel motorcycle, then some lucky person will get the right magneto for the job.

In summary:

  • BTH TT Magneto KA2-1 model
  • Clockwise rotation
  • Height Base to spindle centre 45mm
  • probably for vintage Scott TT Replica / Flying Squirrel motorbikes or Douglas motorcycles
  • 180 degree 
  • 4 bolt square pattern platform mount (2 inches between centres)
  • works
  • turns nicely
  • Taper type with end bolt (13.1mm (1/2″) down to 11mm (7/16″)
  • has cable operated advance / retard (no cable)


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