Late 1930’s / Pre-war Burman 9CPB 4 speed foot change gearbox AJS Ariel Matchless – SOLD

Late 1930’s / Pre-war Burman 9CPB 4 speed foot change gearbox AJS Ariel Matchless – SOLD


Late 1930’s / Pre-war Burman 9CPB 4 speed foot change gearbox.

There is very little information available on this model of gearbox with regard to the specific motorcycle that it was used on. I have found information on the “8CPB”. It was used on middle-weight Ariels and WD WNG’s apparently. I guess that “9CPB” was just an update.

Generally, the Burman CP gearbox was introduced in 1933 as a 4-speed box as a lighter alternative to the BA heavyweight box. The CP and BA lasted up until 1952 and was then replaced by the Burman GB.

I’m told that bikes like the Ariel SQ4 600cc OHV had a CP gearbox, along with Ariel 350cc models. In 1948, the KG / KH 500cc Ariel Red Hunter Twin also had them. So, it might suit an AJS, Matchless or an Ariel, I suppose. I am happy to provide dimensions of the mounts if you need them.

How do I know it’s pre-war? After the war, all gearboxes were stamped with a code on top of the kickstart case that shows the gearbox model number, followed by a letter for the month (A = January) and then two digits for the year of manufacture. This gearbox jus has 9CBP and then the sequential number which indicates that it’s pre-war (or war dept).


The gearbox turns and appears complete. As I haven’t tested it in a motorcycle, it is for sale as it is. It turns smoothly and you should really open it up and give it a clean at the least.

The casings are decent. There are no obvious splits or cracks. The frame mounts are fine.

The sprocket is past its best. There’s a bit of curl on the teeth.

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