Powell & Hanmer veteran vintage motorcycle carbide front head light kit

Powell & Hanmer veteran vintage motorcycle carbide front head light kit


Powell & Hanmer veteran vintage motorcycle carbide front head light kit

This nicely patinated P&H carbide headlamp is well presented, considering it is over 100 years old. It is one of a few carbide / acetylene gas-powered lights that I have available.

I have put this together for anyone looking to buy a complete front headlamp kit. It includes a Model 115 P&H headlamp, together with a small gas generator and some lightweight pressed-steel stays. the stays would clamp to the handlebars. As these stays are for an early motorcycle, the clamp is for 1″ bars.

It seems that the main three manufacturers for carbide motorcycle headlamps are; Miller, Lucas and P&H. There were others, but these makers are the most prolific.

This Powell & Hanmer veteran / vintage motorcycle carbide front head light kit is a mid/ small sized version to match the smaller generator that is included.

Headlamp dimensions are: 

  • The glass is 3-7/8″” diameter.
  • The rim outside diameter is 5″.
  • The height overall is 5″.
  • The depth (Front to back) is 5″ excluding the brass peak.

The gas generator is approximately 6.5″ tall.


Nothing is restored! All 3 components show their age.

Headlamp: overall good but with wear to the nickel plate. The glass is fine but the reflector is cracked as usual. The hinge works fine and the clasp keeps the front cover closed. The P&H badge is missing on the top of the chimney. The wick looks a bit more modern to me. There are no nuts for the clamps. There is a ding on the front rim (photographed).

Gas generator: It’s a bit knocked about. It looks like someone was preparing it for paint at some point as they have used filler. It comes with the wing nuts for the clamps and there is water inlet screw cap is missing.

Stays: Fine. aged, but do the job. They only come as you see them. There are no handlebar clamps for the underside.

Other lamps to choose from

I have a selection of carbide acetylene lamps for sale. They are mostly for antique, veteran or vintage motorcycles. However, I have a few bicycle lights. They are the ones with the cycle fitting. These cycle lamps were also used on veteran flat tank motorcycles. Choose from the unusual ones through to Miller, P&H and Lucas carbide lamps. There is also a range of rear lamps and burner gas generators.

If you are looking for an antique lamp for your motorcycle, this Powell & Hanmer veteran vintage motorcycle carbide front head light kit would suit a mid-size / small flat tank bike as the gas generator is of the smaller size.

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