Set of engine cases for 1924 BSA 250cc Model B side valve motorcycle

Set of engine cases for 1924 BSA 250cc Model B side valve motorcycle


Set of engine cases for 1924 BSA 250cc Model B ,side valve, flat tank motorcycle.

I believe that’s what they are for. The letter prefix for the engine number is a little blurred but I think it reads B912.  Initially, I thought it read 8912, which suggested that the cases were from around 1914. However, they don’t look big enough for that year / model.

I’m fairly sure they are for a 1924 Model B SV, 2.49 HP Standard. The number sequence for that model / year fits. If you know otherwise, please let me know.

The engine fitted to the round tank Model B and the Deluxe model is very different, even though they are from the same year.

The cases are not too bad. There’s a bit of corrosion on the primary side. There are some cams etc inside the timing side but they are corroded. As you can see, many of the fixings are corroded too. So, you’ll need to do a bit of work to replace the fixings.

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