Triumph 1960’s 1950’s heavy-duty telescopic forks Likely 1960 Pre-unit H1108 H1119 H1120 – SOLD

Triumph 1960’s 1950’s heavy-duty telescopic forks Likely 1960 Pre-unit H1108 H1119 H1120 – SOLD


Triumph 1960’s 1950’s heavy-duty telescopic forks.

Likely for 1960 Pre-unit 500cc Twin 5T or even 6T. They might also suit the later unit T100.

However, because the headstock is numbered H1108, it was common for Triumph to supply this with the Tiger Cub heavy-duty forks. So, I’m going to suggest that this set of forks would probably suit a nice period Trials Cub. The only difference is that the lower leg / sleeve is longer on this set. I guess that might be a good thing.

To explain. The dimension on the lower leg, between the bottom of the top thread and the centre of the spindle is longer on this set than it is on a set of HD Tiger Cub forks. These measure 11.25″. The cub dimension is shorter.

The dimension of 11.25″ apparently distinguishes this set as ones for the duplex pre-unit frames. I’m informed that the same legs (cast numbers H1119 / H1120) were also made with a length of 12.25″. These were apparently for 1958/59 machines.

The cast numbers / part numbers for Tiger Cub heavy duty fork legs were H1117 and H1118.

Why on earth would you cast the same numbers on two different parts? The world of Triumph parts in the 1950’s and 60’s continues to throw up oddities.

Back to these forks.

They leak a bit when turned upside down. They will need going through but they move freely and spring back. They come with the caps and handlebar clamps as you see them.

With pre-65 Triumph Tiger Cub trials bikes being sought after, heavy duty Cub forks are extremely hard to buy. These were closest that I could get when I was looking for a set for one of my project bikes.

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