Triumph T20 Tiger Cub SQUARE BARREL & HEAD 200cc motorcycle engine 1961 Pre-65 Trials – SOLD

Triumph T20 Tiger Cub SQUARE BARREL & HEAD 200cc motorcycle engine 1961 Pre-65 Trials – SOLD


Triumph T20 Tiger Cub SQUARE BARREL & HEAD 200cc motorcycle engine 1961

Could be used in a Pre-65 Trials Competition.

Number dates it to 1961. The engine number is shown in the images.

I have had this engine in my collection of Cub parts for quite a while. It’s part of a whole load of spares that I have kept for my Cubs.

The time has come to part with most of the spares including frames, swing arms, engines, engine parts including primary covers, wheels, fuel tanks and even forks.

I have never run this engine. So, consider this as an engine for rebuild. Like most rebuilds, it’s always good to begin with something that’s complete. This Tiger Cub engine is almost complete. From what I can see, it is only missing part of the clutch and (as usual) a most of the machine screws for the outer covers. Where do they all go?

It has a square barrel and cylinder head. It also has the period-correct Webco rocker covers. The fins are very good. Please check the images. 

The engine number is clear and appears unmolested. The primary and timing covers have marks here and there. However, I don’t see any nasty external damage or cracks. Both covers are missing fixing screws. The lower engine mount has a little bit taken off one side. I’ve shown it in the pics.

The engine does turn over by hand. It is stiff though, so I guess that it will need work. I have taken the head off and the piston rises and falls OK. The underside of the head is very coked-up. I’ve cleaned the top of the piston a bit but can’t see any size identification. The barrel measures about 63 (STD), so i guess that’s what we have as a piston. However, on inspection of the cylinder lining, I see two scores which are likely to be caused by a wandering gudgeon pin. So, expect that a rebore will be required. As it’s currently STD, you have a bit of room. Anyway, It’s for sale as you see it. If this was a rebuilt, perfect square barrel engine, it would be nearly double the price!

I have shown images of the piston at TDC and lower down the cylinder just to show that it rises and falls. I have also made a separate image showing the two scores on the barrel.

You see Cub engines come up for sale every now and then. They usually have some kind of issue like a crack or a chunk missing. Not this one. This engine has not been tarted up to sell. It is what it is, an engine for rebuild.

So, if you  are up for a rebuild and are looking for a Triumph T20 Tiger Cub SQUARE BARREL & HEAD engine for Pre-65 Trials competitions, then this might be your chance.

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