SOLD – Vintage Classic Norton Dominator Model 99 1960 600cc twin engine project

SOLD – Vintage Classic Norton Dominator Model 99 1960 600cc twin engine project


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Vintage Classic Norton Dominator Model 99 1960 600cc twin engine project.

This collection of engine parts has been under the bench for way too long. I will never get around to having it rebuilt. So, it’s available as rebuild project for someone.

I have a whole load of Norton Dominator engine parts including cranks, heads, barrels, cases. But this engine has always been together in a box, while with me. It’s a 1960 Norton Dominator Model 99 Vertical Twin with a clear (unmolested) engine number: 89309 14R

It includes what you see in the images and you will need to assume that everything will need work in some way. Having said this, the fins on the ali cylinder head are really nice. The fins on the barrel have just two small chips at the top and in a place that is not obvious when the engine is assembled. The cases are generally good and there is a hairline crack on the timing-side casing but only on one of the fixings for the mag. I have checked the cases for other damage, and can’t see anything structural.

The pictures show a pair of pistons with pins. One of those pistons is scrap. The other might be of use. The distributor parts will all need a good clean.

  1. Set of Dominator cases (1960)
  2. Set of barrels including a set of followers that will need freeing off.
  3. Cylinder head with cast number 22707 and 3 rockers fitted.
  4. Timing cover
  5. Bolt-up Crank / Flywheel with numbers 2DA15762 19242
  6. Pair of connecting rods (with caps but not nuts / studs)
  7. x3 Pushrods
  8. Oil line
  9. Distributor parts

I’m bound to be asked “will you sell me just one pushrod mate“. …. Err, “No“.  If you only want the cases, that’s different. Also, “what’s your best price mate“. I get asked this a lot. It’s a fixed price. It saves lots of haggling and I put it at a sensible price in the first place. Price up the individual components and they will cost in excess of £750 as they are. A complete engine is likely to be in excess of £1200.

As this is an engine for rebuild, please do come and look at it before you decide to press the button to buy.

Other Norton parts: I have some. Please get in touch.




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