1940, War time, Triumph 2H motorcycle engine for sale – SOLD

1940, War time, Triumph 2H motorcycle engine for sale – SOLD



1940, War time, Triumph 2H 250cc OHV motorcycle engine for sale.

I’ve had this Triumph 2H engine for a while. It was bought as a possible spare for a Triumph T70 that I have. I now have a T70 engine for my project, so this engine is available.

It is only loosely assembled and will be missing some parts. The images show what is included. There are fixings missing like cylinder head studs / nuts, push rods / pushrod tubes, together with some of the timing cover fasteners.

The outer timing cover houses the oil pump. The cylinder head fins are in nice condition. There are no valves or springs (Although I might have some NOS Terry’s springs). The piston reads +0.020 and the cylinder bore is nice. The threads on the flywheel / crank look decent. The barrel fins are nice. Both the head and barrel have been coloured black. Because it has been stored for a while, the once clean cylinder head chamber will need a brief polish up. The rocker spindles are there, but no rocker arms.

This engine is being sold as you see it and needing a complete check-over, together with a rebuild.

I guess this would also fit a Triumph T70 but you will need to be the judge of that. I hope it does because I have one put aside as a spare for my own T70 project!

The engine number is 40.2H.30170 . The whole number is clear and unmolested.

Viewing: Please come and check it over before you buy. It is at PE28, near St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

Shipping: If you don’t see a price, please ask. Thanks. International shipping available.

Payment: Good old fashioned money on collection is preferred. I can accept payment through PayPal or by bank transfer as well.

Taxes: Please note that IMPORT DUTIES are not something I can control. If you are buying from outside the UK, there is a chance that you will have to pay import taxes. Import taxes vary from country to country. If there are charges to pay, it is the buyer’s responsibility to research the cost and pay the duties. The price that you see on my advert is for the item and not the item plus whatever taxes might be due.
I can possibly lower the import tax that you are likely to pay.

Collection: I have plenty of space. If you can’t collect for a while, it’s not a problem. However, I will need to be paid very soon after the sale. Thanks.

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