SOLD – Norton 500T Spectacles Head, ali barrel 490cc 1948 1949 1950 Suit ES2 M18 upgrade

SOLD – Norton 500T Spectacles Head, ali barrel 490cc 1948 1949 1950 Suit ES2 M18 upgrade


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Norton 500T Spectacles Head, ali barrel 490cc from 1948, 1949 and 1950

This aluminium cylinder head and barrel combination would also suit an ES2 upgrade. The engine cases of the 500T and the ES2 were essentially the same as, in 1948, Norton raided the ES2 parts bin and created the iconic 500T with the addition of an all ali head and barrel.

This cylinder head is commonly known as the “Spectacles head”. If you look at the combustion chamber, only the valve seats and spark plug hole were in cast iron, with the ali part of the head sand cast around the iron.

This was the case from inception in 1949, until they changed the method of construction in 1951. The revised construction process was to die-cast the head. The whole production chamber was in cast iron with the ali construction around it. This was the Wellworthy Alfin process.

This is an early production Spectacles Head for a Norton 500T, with a nice set of ali barrels and a 500t / ES2 rocker box with rockers. 

Head: The exhaust threads and the carb mount threads are fine. It comes with the rocker box studs as you see them. One stud is missing. The threads seem fine but will need a little clean-up. The valve seats look good, but please make your own decision on that. There are two chipped fins on the head. I have shown them in the images. As they are small fins and at the top, they are easily repaired.

Barrels: The barrel bores look good. All fins are good except the obvious top fin repair. It needs tidying up. Have a look at the pictures with the head on the barrel. You hardly notice the repair.

Barrels measure: 81.80mm.

Rocker box: Used but seemingly all there. If you look closely, there are smooth areas on the outside. It suggests that the box has had some repairs in the past. It’s a decent used rocker box.

Other Norton parts: I have some. Please get in touch.




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