Norton pair used camshafts T2219-1. VS Possibly 750 850 Commandos

Norton pair used camshafts T2219-1. VS Possibly 750 850 Commandos


Norton pair used camshafts T2219-1.VS

Please compare profile images with these cams.

At one point, Norton had the camshafts all cast with T2219. The camshafts then went off to the machine shop for profiling. After some research, I have come across someone who seems to know what they are talking about. So, I have used their cam lobe profiling images to help with identification.

As these camshafts have T2219 and then “1” and “VS” in a circle, I am leaning towards part number 061084. This was a a cam grind that began as a 650SS profile (Which was Pt 22729 and usually had X2 cast next to the common number), but this cam was called the “1S” cam. “1S” is the closest that I can find to “1 VS” as on these cams.  See image showing the title starting with 20M3S….

If I am correct, the pair of cams are for the 750 and 850 Commandos. The expert says that lobe centres are 100º.

Here is the experts info on each:

  • D12-790 The original 29hp dominator model 7 cam, very mild. It is installed a little more advanced than shown on the graph. This engine comes standard with radiiused lifters.
  • 21225 This is from a standard model 88. Significantly hotter than the model 7 cam.
  • 22729,   650SS and later 750 Atlas grind  with common X2 marking on the twin chain core, know as SS
  • 061084  This cam grind started as the 650ss cam shown above, by now it’s called the 1S for the commando, it is the standard cam grind for all non combat 750 and 850 Commandos. Lobe centres are 100º


Both are used. One is a bit better than the other. Some pitting  but threads are OK. One lobe in particular has corrosion at the top. I have shown it in the images.

I am happy to show more pics. Please ask.

Regarding exactly what they are for. Please decide for yourself. The only clue that I have is “1. VS” as T2219 is common to all.

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